Finance is the art of money management to meet fiscal needs

The term finance includes activities such as saving, budgeting, borrowing, forecasting, investing and lending so in plain words; finance can be described as money management. Mostly undergoing the risk and condition of uncertainty, finance is elementarily associated with responsibilities and investment of assets thus it is a very vast field that needs to be studied in details.

Macro and microeconomic theories are considered to be the origin of the fundamental concepts of a finance system. The two theories are thought to be responsible for many of the main conceptions in finance. Even if not in an intuitive way, financial concepts can be grasped quite readily by those who are well familiar with the rules of economics.

Finance is a financial system including the provision of banking facilities, money circulation, investment making, and the granting of credit. In simpler words, finance is a branch of economics dealing with acquisition and investment, resource management and resource allocation. The act of the money provided for a project, for instance; two international banks did the financing of the project.

Public finance, corporate finance, and personal finance are there the main types of finance. We can as well define the term ‘finance’ as the art of money management. There are a lot of recently rising disciplines of social finance such as cognitive finance, emotional finance, psychological finance, and emotional finance – these terms fall in the category of attitudinal finance.

There are two modern activities that are intimately connected with finance; the real way of obtaining the required money and the knowledge of the way the funds are managed. Associated with managing funds effectively, finance is the commercial topic at its most basic level. In a nutshell, finance is the study or science of the management of funds for running a business or completing a project.

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